Business Coaching Start Up Kit

Business Coaching Startup Kit

Business Coaching Start Up Kit is for the entrepreneur who works alone and is ready to commit to building their business and getting out of their own way. By establishing a coaching partnership that enables security, trust and integrity as the foundation in the owner / coach relationship. This kit enables a kickstart that benefits your business and professional development and has you producing and creating your desired outcomes faster. Removing the time delays of confusion and lack of self discipline.

Don’t stay stuck, confused or unclear and prevent your success. Join now to get moving forward more consistently and faster!

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Business Coaching Call

30 Minute Weekly Success Call

Stop Struggling and wasting time staying Stuck and Unclear!
Step up and get yourself an assist for success.
Gain access to Accountability, Support, Coaching & Training
Your business is your life. Get them working with you and for you!
Create amazing outcomes and succeed in business with the support, guidance, education and tools of the weekly success coaching call.

It’s your business. Your conversation…just start it!


LUMINA SPARK Personality Test

LUMINA Spark provides an accurate, personalized portrait focusing on increased self-awareness and practical development points to assess and improve communication at home and work, with teams and in leadership development.

A great tool for anyone looking to gain insight on their strengths, blind spots and behaviours. With an asset to build quality relationships.


LUMINA TEAM Assessment


Working in conjunction with LUMINA Spark, Sales or Leader.
LUMINA Team will highlight what areas your individual team members are spotted within the 8 Aspects and 24 Qualities TEAM mandala.
Highlighting your team strengths and blind spots. You can be project specific or team development goal focused. Giving you the ability to effectively train and fill gaps in your teams.

A superior leading edge tool for team building. A massive asset to acquisition and change management tools. Giving you an edge over your competition.



LUMINA Sales is based on a personalized assessment of the impact of an individuals personality preference on the overall sales cycle. It focuses on improving influencing skills and harnessing natural strengths more efficiently in the selling process. Embedded in this tool is a sales cycle model that can be adapted into any organization. A great tool to curb overspend on sales training an drive specific outcomes.

Used for sales team and personal reviews and training identifiers as well as for hiring of sales staff and entrepreneurs needing to identify specific growth areas.



Lumina Leader is a powerful tool that helps an individual gain a better understanding of their Leadership style and overall strengths and blind spots. It also provides the opportunity to incorporate feedback from others to present a comprehensive view of a Leaders personality. A great tool for anyone who wants to know their own leader style and grow.

This is a super tool for entrepreneurs looking to understand how they are showing up for their customers, suppliers, business and team members. Knowing your leadership self is crucial to business success and management.


LUMINA Personality Assessments - Get Qualified

Are you a Coach looking for a leading edge, unbiased, non labeling assessment tool that your clients and employees will truly enjoy and learn from? Then you’ve found your product here with LUMINA Learning. These products are psychometric personality assessments that are effective assets for your clients or employees relationships, career development, team design, leadership and sales development. Giving you comprehensive details for both hiring, delivering reviews, building teams and long term goals with.

If you are looking to invest in a personal and professional development assessment, LUMINA products are an amazing, effective tool to add to your kit.

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Ladies! You deserve more in your life!

The Confidence Course for Women was designed with the realization that confidence is a skill to be developed. With an understanding of the complex and unique learning and adaptation styles of women, is how this course was built.

Stop standing on the sidelines watching others succeed. This course will equip you with the fundamental building blocks to build your own personal success as you define it. The CONFIDENCE COURSE will enable you to build your intentional future by learning specific skills and making breakthroughs to your next level of future plans.


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Design the relationship you desire!

The Couples Connection Course is for people in committed partnerships and individuals who are looking for their life partner, that desire a lasting connection imbedded in trust, respect, playfulness, intimacy, growth and loving kindness.

The full day or 3 quarter day workshop allows individuals to learn new skill sets, engage in breakthrough conversations and create a desired partnership with intelligent intentionality.

The skills learned inside of this training can also be applied to teams, families, organizations. As these are fundamental skills that can be applied to ALL relationships

To learn more and reserve your date at the upcoming event visit:

business mastermind australia

Influence your business growth

The Business Mastermind Event is a full day event for business owners who are not interested in mediocre outcomes and are looking for a commuity fo progressive owners.

This event will educate, train and engage business owners on innovations, processes and next growth steps specific to their own business. You will take away a plan to apply for your next quarter or year and have developed a community where you can access support through your development.


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